Here are some photos for you guys to accompany this totally lame text post (he’s the nicest).

We decided as a little end of semester/exams/stress celebration, we would stay in a ridiculously fancy hotel for the night and booked a room at the Crown Towers. It was probably the best decision we have ever made because my god, that bed. I’ve never been so comfortable in my entire life. And the view from 25 stories up aint too bad either.

I decided that I wanted Asian food for dinner so we headed out in search of a suitable restaurant but couldn’t find any, even after walking the entire length of the CBD. But as we were heading back down, we stumbled across Mrs Parma’s, which we had always wanted to visit but never got around to. It was fate. It was freaking delicious fate. After dinner, I hailed my first ever taxi (a very big deal) and we waited around so that Mike could see the fire display for the first time in his life.

The next day, we walked up and down the city lanes looking for a place to eat breakfast and found the most amazing waffle/sandwich place (thank you Margaret) with the sassiest French owner who awkwardly asked if we were brother and sister. Then we headed out to the Royal Botanic Gardens where this dork attempted to climb a tree and I did adult activities like sitting on benches.

Overall I give this weekend a 10. I have ALL the feelings for that boy.

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